Western Virginia

Regional Transportation:

Roanoke Regional Airport:

Served by six airlines providing 5O daily departures. Scheduled carriers are: ASA, Comair, Northwest Airlink, United Express, US Air, and US Air Express.

Roanoke Valley Bus Services:

Local bus service is provided by Valley Metro, 15 Campbell Ave., Roanoke (540)982-2222. Greyhound, 26 Salem Ave., Roanoke (800)231-2222 provides transcontinental service.

Driver's License/Auto Registration

A Virginia driver's license is required after residence has been established. Examination for a license consists of a written test, vision check and a test of driving ability. Handbooks are available from the examining stations. A person must be sixteen years of age to obtain a Virginia driver's license. To license an automobile in Virginia, a valid title of ownership must be established with the state and proof of sales and use tax furnished. All vehicles mustbeinspected each year.

The Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV):

Crossroads Mall; Hershberger Rd.; Roanoke, VA
(540) 561-7400

Most local governments also require a decal. Local decals may be obtained from:

  • Roanoke City; Municipal Bldg., 215 Church Ave., Rm 251; (540) 981-2522
  • Salem City; City Hall, Comm. Off., 114 N. Broad St.; (540) 375-3019
  • Vinton; Municipal Bldg., 311 S. Pollard St. (540) 983-0608
  • Roanoke County; 3738 Brambleton Ave. (540) 772-2046
  • Botetourt County; 1 W. Main St., Fincastle (540) 992-8256

Information provided by the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce.


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